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  :: Eclectic Fusion Food at the Mango Room Restaurant in Hoi An

For most Europeans the combination of sweet and spicy flavors in one dish is strange and foreign. I vividly remember when I first had fresh pineapple with sugar and chili and the first taste set my mouth on fire! Too quickly this unusual combination gets qualified as too spicy and therefore unpleasant. In most Asian cuisines, Thai and Vietnamese in particular, the delicate mix of different sweet and spicy flavors is essential and has its own distinctiveness. Spice brings out the flavor in many foods, giving it a spin and challenges traditional expectations. After getting used
to the combination of spicy, hearty and sweet flavors in one dish one starts to discover different shades of spiciness and slowly starts to appreciate those unusual combinations. Some spices for example burn on the tongue, others in the mouth and some even in the throat and the ...


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