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  :: Fusion with a flair

... This sumptuous dish is served beside a mound of lightly fried wheat
noodles, the lumpy homemade ones that form the basis of cao lau, one
of the most satisfying of Hoi An’s original dishes. Reflecting the port’s
cosmopolitan history, they are most probably a local variation of Japanese udon noodles.
Indeed, unusually for a Vietnamese menu, noodles of one kind or another form the foundation for nearly all of Duc’s creations. There is no rice to be seen here, apart from as the raw material for bun vermicelli noodles.
This suits me just fine. I’m a complete nut for noodles of any kind – tagliatelle con pesto, lasagne al forno, mee goreng, pad thai, yakisoba,
cha ca, bun bo – however it’s served, if there are noodles in it, I’ll eat it.
And probably come back for more. ...

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